Hopscotch Detroit

Hopscotch Detroit transformed sidewalks of Detroit temporarily, but moreover, it transformed the way that people interact with the sidewalk. It was a reminder that sidewalks are not restricted to be a path from point A to be point B, but they can be a place to play, create, or meet people. Being outside, and playing outside, opened the opportunity for communities to come together, meet one another, and engage in their city. Hopscotch Detroit showed people that a simple, community-based idea can be great. You don’t need a lot to contribute to your city–just an idea, and some chalk. Hopscotch Detroit showed the world how simple, and impactful, great design can be. Great design should add value to materials, and to people’s lives, and this world-record-breaking course added tremendous value to the both. 4 miles of sidewalk is not only a place to walk, but also as a place to play and draw.
Project Images
USER: wedgedetroit