Design ambassadors will be able to download our promotional kit to share resources through social media, blogs, and/or word of mouth. Design ambassadors can also share our Facebook and Twitter updates with their followers. Our promotional will consist of a high-res DDF logo, email signatures, and images for sharing through social media.

  • Learn: Educate myself and others on design and DDF Happenings.
  • Think: Make a design mindset second nature.
  • Engage: Put my knowledge of design to use in my daily work.
  • Inform: Share information with others and build awareness for DDF.
  • Unite: Spark change through collective strength via social media and word of mouth.
  • Guide: Be an ambassador for the city of Detroit.

I pledge to be a design ambassador for Detroit’s local design community. Our design community has the power to showcase Detroit as a global center for creative and design innovation. By uniting my voice with others, I believe that we can make Detroit a better place to be.